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Sarumonin | Behind The Choices - Eterna Gaming, Mixer, Podcasts and More! Index:
1:21 - Why I disbanded Eterna gaming, and launched Ascendum Gaming
17:00 - Weekly Podcast with Pelum from Argent Gaming
18:07 - Moving to Mixer rather than staying on
Why is this 360? Literally because why the Hell ...
360° Video - SK Gaming vs Team Liquid, CS:GO 360 Degree, VR, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Cobblestone, SK Gaming vs Team Liquid
360° Counter-Strike
360° Gameplay
360° Game Video
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joel ps4 gaming's broadcast joel ps4 gaming's broadcast
with CameraFi Live
360 Timelaps coming soon! DMS Gaming ( There was going to be a 360 video but the footage was deleted :c )