iPhone with USB-C Might Still Happen? - Amazon Echo Dot on sale:
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On Pocketnow Daily, we have some deals for the Google Pixel 4 series, Apple Watches and more. We have a new certification for ...
Samsung's Franken-Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Is REAL? - Get the Sony WF-1000XM3
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On Pocketnow Daily, we have some new MacBook Pro deals and more on Amazon and B&H. The ASUS ROG Phone III just went through ...
Samsung Galaxy S20 vs OnePlus 8 - $300 Difference? Video sponsored by SUPCASE.
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Galaxy S20:
The Samsung Galaxy S20 and the OnePlus 8 are the lower tiers in their respective lines, but they might be two of the ...
What's REALLY killing your smartphone battery? Find out what's killing your smartphone battery.
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In today's video, we discuss what really drains your battery and how the mAh figure does not equate to what kind of ...
iPhone 12 Update: Not So Delayed? On Pocketnow Daily, we have A LOT of deals to kick June off. Sony is postponing their PS5 Event due to protests in the US. Google is doing the same to show support by delaying their Android 11 Beta Preview ...
When Phones Were Fun: The Sidekick (2002-2010) Hey Samsung and Nokia, your tiny phones are cute ... and yeah RIM, if I need to a way for my boss to get a hold of me I’ll for sure pick up one of your "BlackBerry" things. But babes, ...
Is the Galaxy A51 worth $399? Is the Galaxy A51 worth it?
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Is the Pixel 4 worth it in 2020? Is the Pixel 4 worth buying 6 months later?
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The Google Pixel 4 has crossed the 6-month mark at this point. Is it worth buying now ...
iPhone SE Review: 5 More Years Of Yesterday Sponsored by ESR. Shop ESR cases here: and enter to win your free iPhone SE (May 2, 2020 - May 15, 2020) here:
Everyone’s talking about how the new iPhone SE for 2020 is ...